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Hi! and Welcome to Fur N Feathered Friends
Website Design and Maintenance specializing in WordPress!


I Love WordPress! Web based editing, no worries about anything going outdated due to browser updates. WordPress updates automatically for you so you are always current! Plus, it’s easy to change your design when the urge hits.

Once your WP website is up and running, changing it up for the Holidays or whenever you feel the need to freshen things up is a breeze!

I enjoy designing websites, it’s a digital creative outlet that just seemed to be the next step to my physical crafting (not that that has fallen to the wayside, still making a mess in the house. Plus I just discovered Scrape Booking! ). I find that I see a picture, be it of nature or a craft (yup, pinterest) and the wheels will start to turning!

I started designing websites a few years ago . I partner with, she’s my Mom, yup throwing the Mom card down! She’s been designing for over 20 years and encouraged me to take that digital creative step! Love her dearly and am grateful to collaborate with her!

I love working with all my clients that have me perform updates/maintentance for them! As well as the wonderful people I’ve designed  a custom site for or have done a WordPress Conversion and then became a return customer for updates.  I have also created Personalized/Custom Christmas Cards for Clients Websites and Advertisements that they have placed in various Organizational Magazines they belong too, such as Ragdoll Fancier’s Club International. I have also had the honor of designing their Front Cover for their Year End Issue 2015-2016 of  Ragdoll World Newsletter, as well as Full/Half page ads.

You get personal service with a quirky sense of humor I have reasonable rates, you can always email for a quote or price.  I work on a first come, first serve basis (think that’s only fair?)

Every website is different as are your individual needs so I can’t publish a ‘cookie cut’ listing of prices. I can say that I start at Free WordPress Themes, design Pre-Made WordPress Themes and then we have the Custom. So pending your wants/needs, number of pages, want me to add content for you, updates, number of pictures it varies. Contact me here at FNFD for a free WordPress or Maintenance quote!